Xenon Inc. has completed the Photon 717 Foam Profiling system at the production facility of major producer of foam mattresses.

The Photon 717 system employs both photometrics and lasers to measure to within 0.1 cm accuracy the following dimensions on the foam plates:

  1. Convolute Peak Height
  2. Max/Min Size of plate “egg crate” convolute
  3. Convolute Length
  4. Convolute Width

Based on a Siemens PLC and Xenon customized software, the Photon 717 accurately measures all dimensions of the foam plates and makes a determination as to the quality of the plate.  If the plate does not fall within tolerance, the Photon 717 will mark the plate to be removed from the production line and the line operator will be notified.  The Photon 717 helps our client yield a more consistent product and reduce the amount of plates rejected by the end user.

Xenon’s team of qualified instrumentation and controls engineers and technicians designed, built, and installed the foam profiling.  The Photon 717 was engineered in Irvine, CA at our California headquarters and constructed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Xenon is your complete solution for industrial controls and automation system.