Detailed Engineering

high voltage power transformer
Areas of Expertise
Maintenance support
Power factor correction
Power system analysis and planning
Construction coordination
Protective device coordination
Fault current analysis
Harmonic evaluation and remediation

Single Line Drawings
Detailed Connection Diagrams
Equipment Specifications
Safety Procedures
Operations Procedures
Coordination studies

Arc Flash Studies


Using NFPA and IEEE accepted guidelines, Xenon’s power system engineers perform complete Arc Flash Analysis.

Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation
Personal Protective Equipment PPE Requirements
Arc Flash Labeling
Safe Working Distance
Incident Energy Level
Breaker Coordination Studies

Coordination Studies

coordination studies
Protective Device Coordination Studies
On-site Evaluation
Maximize Equipment Availability

Properly coordinated electrical power distribution systems are crucial for facility reliability and maximizing availability. In many electrical distribution systems, a single equipment failure results in cascading equipment shutdowns, failures, and hazard to the plant. Xenon utilizes modern coordination software coupled with detailed field surveys to develop recommendations for reliable operation.

Short Circuit Analysis

short circuit analysisEquipment Evaluation
Field Surveys
Spare Part Replacement

Xenon’s evaluation includes: plant equipment ratings, infrastructure, and protective devices to ensure adequate ability to withstand a fault. A properly protected fault can prevent devastating effects to equipment and power systems. Analysis includes a complete survey of plant equipment, detailed analysis, and upgrade recommendations.

Load Flow Analysis

load flow analysis

Load Flow Analysis is used to optimize circuit usage, develop practical voltage profiles, minimize electrical losses, and optimize transformer tap settings. Xenon’s software model of a plant simulates a steady-state power system and compares it to multiple scenarios to assist in power system optimization. The result is a properly designed system that streamlines capital investment and operating costs.

Field Surveys and Construction

on site electrical

Xenon’s strategic alliance with MMR allows a complete turn-key offering for Engineering and Field Services.

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis
Load Calculations
Arc Flash Calculations
Short Circuit Studies

Field Surveys

Field Surveys
Equipment Analysis
System Monitoring

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades
Circuit Breaker Installation
Feeder Upgrades
Equipment Installation

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