Analyzer Validation System


  • Fully automated analyzer validation system with PLC/HMI control and health monitoring to ensure reliable and repeatable sample analysis
  • Remote (DCS) and local (HMI) system operation, including stream selection, system status and alarms
  • Scalable to operate multiple streams to single or multiple analyzers
  • Scalable to validate with multiple reference samples to multiple analyzers simultaneously or sequentially
  • Stream selection (process and validation) fully independent for each analyzer
  • Double-Block and Bleed Valves to eliminate cross-interference between process streams and validation samples
  • Validate with gasoline reference and/or other known reference samples e.g. Neohexane
  • Pressure monitoring on each reference cylinder ensures consistent sample delivery to each analyzer. The system will not initiate a validation cycle if pressures are not within operator-defined tolerance
  • Dynamic pressure/flow control to each analyzer assures integrity of analysis. Flow, pressure and temperature is monitored by the PLC for monitoring and alarming
  • Auto regeneration of gasoline reference value upon refill of gasoline reference cylinder
  • Upon power failure, system defaults to process stream and isolates validation samples avoiding disruption to blend operations
  • Efficient design to minimize internal volume, residence time and sample waste
  • Real-time data acquisition and historical data analysis
  • View or control system over LAN/Internet via customizable web interface
  • FTP Server for remote data download (data encryption also available)
  • Multi-user security access


Electrical Supply

– All components rated Class 1, Div 2, Grp. C, D
– Power Consumption: 60 W typical*

    – Power Supply:

  • 90-260VaC; 24VDC range 18-30VDC
    – Interface:

  • Analog Inputs Analog Input Range: 4-20ma 24VDC, 0-10VDC
  • Analog Outputs: Analog Output Range: 0-20 ma
  • Digital Inputs: (8) 24VDC
  • Digital Outputs: (11) Isolated 5a, (8) Non-Isolated (5a), Relay Outputs: Single-pole/Double throw (SPDT)
    – Alarming:

  • Configurable

– Serial MODBUS


  • Operating temperature: -0°C to 50°C

Instrument Air/Nitrogen Supply

– Clean and Dry
– Pressure: 60 PSIG (Nominal); 80 PSIG (max)

Drain (optional)

– For stream select valve vent

*Exact specifications based on customer configuration