T925 Ethernet Controller


Using customizable web and HMI Interfaces over secure VPN connections, the T925 Wireless Ethernet Controller allow multiple users to simultaneously monitor, log and control field device all across the U.S.

A variety of network providers, communications protocols, and interface options allow you to customize the T925 Wireless Ethernet Controller to suit your specific application.


  • Utilizes nationwide or worldwide cellular networks from your choice of wireless providers or all major wireless providers
  • Non-proprietary, open source infrastructure enhances compatibility and maintainability
  • VPN tunneling allows up to 250 simultaneous connections
  • Wireless accounts serviceable by end user or through the XeNet streamlined service with incremental-usage billing
  • Low power consumption easily accommodates solar applications
  • Customized systems available to meet your specific applications or environmental needs


Wireless Network Performance

USA Wireless Provider Compatibility: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Midwest Wireless, Alltel Wireless, and Cellular One plus Sixteen International carriers.

Network Speed(Kps) GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) CDMA (Verizon, Sprint)
Download GPRS / EDGE : 70-130
HSUPA : 400-800+
1xRTT : 50-70
EVDOA : 400-800+
Upload GPRS / EDGE : 20-60
HSUPA : 400-800+
1xRTT : 50-70
EVDOA : 100-500+
Serial Device Interface

– Interface: Software-selectable RS232, RS422 or RS485, 2-wire RS485 & 4-wire RS485/422 supported
– Connectors: 2 RS232 + 1 RS485/422 expandable to 3 RS232 + 2 RS485/422 or more with optional serial device server
– Data Rates: 300-115200 bps
– Data Encryption: 128/256 bit AES encryption

Remote SMS Alarming/Control

– Receive alarm/status messages via text
– Control devices via SMS

Ethernet Interface

– Connectors up to 7 RJ45 devices
– Standards: ARP, UDP, TCP, Telnet, DHCP, HTTP, SNMP

Direct I/O Interface

– 4 Digital Inputs (11-30VDC)
– 4 Digital Relay Outputs (24VDC – 5A)
– 4 Analog Inputs (0-10VDC / 4-20mA)
– 2 Temperature Inputs (TC/RTD) (Optional)


– Device Installer GUI, SNMP
– Telnet login, HTTP

Power Sources

– 120 VAC
– 24VDC
– 24VDC (solar)

Power Consumption

– Nominal: 15 Watts
– Maximum: 25 Watts depending on options selected


– Operating: 0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
– Storage: -30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°F)


– Rating: NEMA 4X
– Material: Nonmetallic
– (Optional) Viewing Window
– Pole Mount Kit
– Dimensions: 16W x 18L x 9D (inches)
– 40.6W x 45.72L x 22.9D (mm)

Agency Approvals

– C/UL
– CE


– One year limited warranty

Shipping Dimensions

– 24W x 24L x 24D (inches)
– 61W x 61L x 61D (mm)
– 12.2 lbs

Sample Configs

VPN Tunnel Sample Configuration

Direct Tunnel Sample Configuration

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
T925-DT (Direct Tunnel) T925-VPN (VPN Ethernet)
XeNet GSM Ethernet Base (6-port Ethernet Connection Only) (120VAC)


Option Number Description
-S2 Serial Device Server Option (RS232/485/422) (2 ports)
-S4 Serial Device Server Option (RS232/485/422) (4 ports)
-D4 S6 Digital Inputs, 4- Digital Outputs
-D 6 Digital Inputs, 4- Digital Outputs, 4 Analog Inputs
-24 24VDC
-24S 24VDC (Solar)
-SS NEMA 4X SS Housing (for harsh environments)