Technical Resource Staffing - Man on Site

Xenon’ s selective hiring process is aimed at providing only the highest caliber staff and technical resource staffing. We ensure our people are technically proficient at every aspect of their job, they communicate well, they’re respectful, and they are excellent associates in the workplace.

Xenon strives to be an employer of choice, providing employees competitive benefits and full company support. This maximizes employee retention, helping avoid inconvenient turnover and disruption to ourcustomer’s needs.

We endeavor to hire resources for the long term, not on a project-by-project basis.This ensures stability in the workplace and enables Xenon to provide dependable resources to our customers. Also, to ensure success of our people on assignment, Xenon provides full technical support to its seconded employees at no additional cost to the customer.

Typical Positions include:

  • Engineering Project Managers
  • Electrical Engineers & Specialists
  • Instrument Engineers & Specialists
  • Analyzer Engineers & Specialists
  • Field Engineers & Designers
  • Drafting Designers

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