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Controls Integration is more than just connecting wires, it’s an art form that combines maintainability, accessibility, and visual appeal. At Xenon, we take pride in being both engineers and artists.

120VAC distribution using the Phoenix Contact USA circuit distribution devices and surge protection. Reliable and functional.

Xenon is pleased to announce deployment of its totally redesigned and highly successful flagship Atom DAS. Designed for reliable EPA and local AQMD emissions regulatory compliance, the Atom utilizes non-proprietary components and is fully scalable to accommodate most CEMS I/O requirements. The intuitive HMI is uniquely programmed to allow end-users to make configuration changes onsite, making future CEMS upgrades a snap.

As usual, Xenon’s team of highly qualified engineers are available to assist customers in any way help is needed, from stand alone DAS specification, through complete DAS implementation in fully integrated CEMS shelters. But why stop there, our experienced field specialists are ready and able to also help with commissioning, certification and on-going maintenance of our customer’s CEMS installations.

Download brochure of Xenon SB5 Data Acquisition System


Xenon is pleased to announce development of a compact version of its highly acclaimed  liqui recovery system.  The mini-LRS is designed for applications with limited effluent requiring an atmospheric sample drain and recovery.  Applications include individual analyzer systems, compressor lube oil drains, boiler condensation recovery systems, etc., suitable applications are virtually limitless.

The Xenon mini-LRS benefits from the same design concepts as the larger versions that have reliably serviced industry since 2009.  Design includes ASME certified recovery vessels, SOVs/ AOVs, health monitoring instrumentation, and PLC control with optional remote HMI.

By utilizing nitrogen or other suitable motive gas to return sample to process, the Xenon mini-LRS eliminates reliability concerns and cost associated with maintaining mechanical pumps, increasing availability of your critical equipment.

Xenon’s integrated dual pump control system is an effective way to manage a range of applications where two pumps maintain the level of a tank, sump, or any type of storage vessel.  All components are certified for use in Class I Division II hazardous environments and therefore can be installed without a panel purge, saving your precious instrument air resources.  The system is configurable for primary and secondary pump operation for even wear as well as simultaneous pump operation to prevent high-level overfill scenarios.  Additionally, when the pump controller is paired with a Rosemount 5302 Guided Wave Radar, it monitors liquid interface for control of oil/water applications or any application requiring interface control.  The system’s robust NEMA 4X enclosure ensures long life and endurance in harsh environments.

Equipped with analog outputs (using the Rosemount 333 HART Tri-Loop) for external level monitoring and the main controller digital outputs for common trouble and high level alarming, Xenon’s design is the right answer for your pump control application.  The system interfaces directly with pump start relays and comes ready for field connection out of the box.  Xenon’s knowledgeable applications engineers can assist you with configuration and specification and our field specialists will come to your site for commissioning.  Xenon is the authorized Rosemount Tank Gauging service contractor for the West Coast Region.  Contact a Xenon engineer by emailing or calling 866-571-8595.