Wireless Tank Gauging

Xenon, Inc. has set the standard for cost effective industrial wireless tank gauging solutions. Our fully customizable product is designed to efficiently utilize existing facility infrastructure to provide robust and secure wireless communications networks.


– Custom designed systems to fit your facility’s specific needs
– Seamlessly integrates into existing tank gauging systems
– Dual power sourcing and up to 40 hours battery backup
– Designed with proven, reliable wireless technology
– Supports various gauge types & OEMs on a single unit
– Robust, self-healing networks with 128 or 256 bit data encryption
– Utilize existing facility power wiring
– Upgradable without tank communications downtime

– No proprietary components
– Readily available spares from multiple equipment vendors
– Simple and cost-effective to upgrade
– Minimal obsolescense constraints

– Professional engineering, integration, and field services for over 25 years
– Extensive knowledge of tank gauging in petro-chemical facilities
– Approved systems integrator for multiple manufacturers
– Experienced site evaluation services
– Proven wireless systems for real applications

Supported Wireless Manufacturers

– Phoenix Contact
– Apprion
– Omnex
– Emerson Smart Wireless
– Honeywell
– ProSoft Wireless
– Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Supported Tank Gauging Manufacturers

Supported Tank Gauging Manufacturers