Xenon Case Study – Oil and Gas Customer

Xenon UPS APC System


  • An oil and gas refinery needed an AC UPS system to maximize uptime for critical systems in hazardous locations.
  • Xenon Inc. designed and built an integrated AC UPS system, based on Phoenix Contact’s 500VA QUINT AC UPS, with local alarms and multiple control.
  • The Class I, Division 2-approved system communicates the UPS monitoring data viaWirelessHART, so it meets government mandates for advanced diagnostics.


Safety and reliability are paramount in oil and gas facilities, especially when it comes to safety-critical instrumentation systems. Xenon worked with an oil refinery that needed to include reliable AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in hazardous locations.


The solution for the refinery’s challenges came in the form of several Phoenix Contact products integrated into one cohesive system. Wiens stated, “We compared a few of the competing products in the market, and I think the Phoenix Contact price point was right, but the primary driver was the known quality of the Phoenix Contact products coupled with client preference. There’s also the WirelessHART diagnostics piece, so if there was a power failure that the UPS saved, we should know about it, because we would catch that.”

You can get information on the battery health, you can record any trip events, and you can tell if the system is offline in any manner.

–Jordan Wiens

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