Sample Recovery System


Xenon’s atmospheric Liquid Recovery System (LRS) is the industry leader for reliable and efficient atmospheric drain systems. Utilizing nitrogen or any suitable gas as a motive force, the Xenon LRS is completely scalable and customizable for most applications. The Xenon LRS eliminates issues and cost associated with maintaining mechanical pumps while increasing system reliability and availability for critical installations.

Typical Applications:

  • Atmospheric drain & sample recovery for online analyzer effluent
  • Rotating equipment lube oil collection & recovery
  • Condensate recovery system


System Features

– ASME rated pressure vessels are sized for any application

– Fully automated system with PLC/HMI control and health monitoring to ensure the reliable and repeatable operation

– Air operated valves and industrial limit switches ensure reliable and consistent operation for over 1 million cycles

– Capacitance probe level gauges provide accurate level feedback to the controller

– Active pressure monitoring on vessels prevents system backpressure to field equipment

– Electrical Area Classification: Class I Division II

– On-board diagnostic monitoring with alarming, maintenance flags, and troubleshooting guides

– Efficient recovery and discharge of product back into the process

– Vent vapor capture options available to minimize vapor emissions


Electrical Supply
– All components rated Class 1, Div 2, Grp. C, D
– Power Consumption: 60 W Typical*

Power Supply
– 90-260VAC; 24VDC range 18-30VDC
– Operating Temperature: -0°C to 50°C

Nitrogen Supply
– Clean and Dry
– Pressure: 60 PSIG (Nominal); 200 PSIG (Max)
Nitrogen pressure must be at least 20 psi above process return pressure

Drain (optional)
– For stream select valve vent

*Exact specifications based on customer configuration