Product Highlight:  Xenon Safety Controller

Xenon, Inc. is proud to introduce the Xenon Safety Controller.  The safety system merges form with function, setting the standard for universal compatibility, flexibility and scalability. The intuitive 10” touch screen interface makes channel configuration a cinch and puts data at your fingertips in a clear and functional manner. Expandable up to 128 sensors, the Xenon Safety controller is ideal for new installations or retrofit of existing systems.

Xenon Safety Controller options:

  • Class I, Division II, Group BCD compliance

    Safety Controller in 19in rack

    Safety Controller in 19 in rack

  • Wireless connectivity (Wifi, 4G)
  • NEMA 4X or NEMA 12
  • Wall mount or 19” rack mount

Typical applications include:

  • CEMS and Process Analyzer shelter safety
  • Process unit hazardous gas monitoring
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Equipment Interlocks

The Xenon Safety Controller enables alarm grouping; alarm prioritization; linking relay outputs to alarm groups; and individual sensor bypassing for online testing.  Its touch screen interface is accessible via Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring, sensor operation, and alarm historization.  Local backup of configuration and settings via a USB drive affords quick recovery in the event of data or equipment failure.

Class I Div II Safety Controller

Class I Div II Safety Controller