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Irvine, Calif., April, 2016 — Xenon, a leader in analyzer and instrumentation engineering and field services has entered into a collaborative agreement with well-known Electrical & Instrumentation Construction contractor MMR Group.
The agreement allows Irvine, Calif.-based Xenon and Baton Rouge, La.-based MMR to offer turnkey, one-stop-shop products and services to industrial customers world wide.

“The partnership strengthens Xenon’s position throughout the Gulf and U.S. while complementing MMR’s already impressive national presence as a field construction provider,” says Xenon Managing Partner Jordan Wiens.

“As a result, our customers now have a single source for turn-key project execution.”
Joint, turn-key services include a wide range of consulting, design, installation and engineering for fully integrated analyzer systems, process and equipment control systems, and industrial automation systems. Additional services include field construction, expert troubleshooting, field commissioning and maintenance support.


About Xenon:
Xenon provides instrument, electrical and analyzer turn-key systems and services to the petrochemical industry, equipment manufacturers and other industrial clients. The company is a complete service provider supplying consulting, engineering, systems integration, PLC programming and field services. Xenon has built automation systems since 1985, and has an extensive installed base of products and applications worldwide.


About MMR:
MMR is a world leader in Electrical & Instrumentation Construction, Maintenance, Management, and Technical Services. Their Personnel, Quality Control, On-Time Performance, and Safety is second to none.

MMR’s teams have worked in refineries, petrochemical plants, gas plants and other production facilities throughout the world. Additionally, their work has extended to offshore production platforms in the burgeoning oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico and into the high seas across the globe. Regardless of where petroleum and petroleum products are being extracted or processed, MMR has maintained a strong presence.

Xenon, Inc. is proud to introduce the XE924 Multiplexer

Product features:

• Converts up to four dry contact inputs into a 4-20mA DC analog
signal for easy monitoring of multiple devices over a single pair
• Compatible with all 4-20mA analog input devices

• Monitor remote digital contacts wirelessly by coupling the
multiplexer with a compatible WirelessHART device
• Cost effective alternative to expensive stand alone WirelessHART
digital transmitters

Example Applications:

• Equipment Health Monitoring
• Tank High / Low Level Alarms
• Solar powered monitoring applications
• Well monitoring
• Pipeline flow / leak detection
• Machinery health
• Multidrop instrument loops
• Custom applications

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Product Highlight:  Xenon Safety Controller

Xenon, Inc. is proud to introduce the Xenon Safety Controller.  The safety system merges form with function, setting the standard for universal compatibility, flexibility and scalability. The intuitive 10” touch screen interface makes channel configuration a cinch and puts data at your fingertips in a clear and functional manner. Expandable up to 128 sensors, the Xenon Safety controller is ideal for new installations or retrofit of existing systems.

Xenon Safety Controller options:

  • Class I, Division II, Group BCD compliance

    Safety Controller in 19in rack

    Safety Controller in 19 in rack

  • Wireless connectivity (Wifi, 4G)
  • NEMA 4X or NEMA 12
  • Wall mount or 19” rack mount

Typical applications include:

  • CEMS and Process Analyzer shelter safety
  • Process unit hazardous gas monitoring
  • Equipment health monitoring
  • Equipment Interlocks

The Xenon Safety Controller enables alarm grouping; alarm prioritization; linking relay outputs to alarm groups; and individual sensor bypassing for online testing.  Its touch screen interface is accessible via Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring, sensor operation, and alarm historization.  Local backup of configuration and settings via a USB drive affords quick recovery in the event of data or equipment failure.

Class I Div II Safety Controller

Class I Div II Safety Controller

Xenon, Inc. is pleased to announce it has expanded its in-house integration capabilities, thereby close-coupling engineering and design with integration.  Xenon’s engineers are involved in every step of the design-build process to ensure finished products comply with design specifications and customer’s standards. By bringing integration services in-house, Xenon now offers a truly seamless solution sure to exceed expectations.

In-House Integration capabilities include:


  • Fully integrated analyzer systems, including enclosed walk-in shelters, three-sided shelters and analyzer cabinets
  • Instrument and Analyzer panels
  • Analyzer sample conditioning systems
  • PLC, Safety and Control cabinets
  • Motor Control Centers and Electrical distribution systems


Shop Certifications & Standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 508A Certification for Industrial Control Panels
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) NRBX (UL698A) Certification for Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) NNNY Certification for Industrial Control Panels in Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • NEC & ATEX Compliance
  • QAQC Testing & Inspections
Fully Integrated Gas Chromatograph Shelter

Fully Integrated Gas Chromatograph Shelter

Xenon has grown to become a leader in process analytics and industrial instrumentation, providing turn-key project management, engineering, construction and field services to both end users and OEMs.

Stammen and Associates Since acquiring Stammen & Associates, an analytics and control engineering company serving California since 1985, Xenon’s capabilities have grown to include industrial control, automation and wireless monitoring systems.

“Our strategic alliances, service and product advancements have put us on the map,” says Xenon Managing Partner Michael Andraos, “and it’s only the beginning.”

The company continues to provide instrumentation, electrical and analyzer systems and services to the petrochemical industry, equipment manufacturers and other industrial clients. Major oil companies take advantage of Xenon’s expertise in blend optimization and other high-yield process applications, and reliable environmental compliance systems.

“We have made great strides supporting our customers with innovative new products designed for challenging applications,” says Andraos. “We identify market needs then strive to provide dependable solutions for our customers. It truly is a win-win relationship.”

Products include an innovative Reid Vapor Pressure validation system (patent pending), a pneumatically driven atmospheric sample recovery system for analyzers and a cellular network wireless Ethernet controller to name just a few.

Xenon has also positioned itself as a solutions provider for new industry initiatives, including gasoline blending optimization, NSPS Subpart Ja compliance, cellular network based wireless control systems for the natural gas pipeline industry, fiber-optic industrial Ethernet networks and future-proof upgrades for obsolete systems.

“It’s been a great eight years,” said Andraos, “The next eight years and beyond look equally bright as we bring new technologies and services to our customers.”