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Phoenix Contact, a leading electronic parts manufacturer, has enrolled Xenon Inc. in the System Integrator Partner program.  This further acknowledges Xenon’s capability to design, engineer, build, install and properly maintain turnkey solutions for manufacturers and end users.

Combining Xenon’s wide breadth of services and expertise along with Phoenix Contact’s innovative products and support, the results are none other than satisfactory to the end user.

Click to see the Xenon profile page on the Phoenix Contact website.

As a result of this partnership, Xenon has priority access and pricing for all Phoenix Contact wireless products.  Contact us for more information on how we can best serve your organization.

Phoenix Contact System Integrator

In the Oil and Gas industry, it is often imperative to have redundant data paths for system reliability and data integrity.  Xenon has deployed Kepware OPC server software in a number of applications and introduces the integration of the Kepware Redundant path technology into our systems.

Redundant path communication applications include:
 CEMS Data Acquisition Systems like the Xenon Atom 705
– Tank gauging communication systems like the Xenon Operator Interface Panel
– Remote monitoring solutions in the Xenon T925 Wireless Ethernet Controller

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MLR Diagram

Xenon is proud to announce our collaborative effort with Rockwell Automation:

Xenon Inc. has completed the Photon 717 Foam Profiling system at the production facility of major producer of foam mattresses.

The Photon 717 system employs both photometrics and lasers to measure to within 0.1 cm accuracy the following dimensions on the foam plates:

  1. Convolute Peak Height
  2. Max/Min Size of plate “egg crate” convolute
  3. Convolute Length
  4. Convolute Width

Based on a Siemens PLC and Xenon customized software, the Photon 717 accurately measures all dimensions of the foam plates and makes a determination as to the quality of the plate.  If the plate does not fall within tolerance, the Photon 717 will mark the plate to be removed from the production line and the line operator will be notified.  The Photon 717 helps our client yield a more consistent product and reduce the amount of plates rejected by the end user.

Xenon’s team of qualified instrumentation and controls engineers and technicians designed, built, and installed the foam profiling.  The Photon 717 was engineered in Irvine, CA at our California headquarters and constructed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Xenon is your complete solution for industrial controls and automation system.

Xenon Inc. is proud to announce our recent partnership with ABB Analytical Products.

ABB Analytical Products with over a half century of bringing analytical solutions to customers worldwide has teamed with Xenon Inc. to further compliment their already impressive portfolio.

lgo_abb  Xenon Inc. will now be offering ABB factory trained level 1 and 2 service technicians from  its home office, in Irvine California, as well as technical support, sales and spare parts inventory. The experienced engineering and field service staff at Xenon understands the value in being able to support products from concept to development, through commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Existing ABB customers on the West Coast will now have a committed resource operating from a Southern California location ready to provide prompt emergency service, maintenance, and analyzer sales.

The alliance with ABB compliments Xenon’s ability to offer an even higher level of world class, turnkey analytical solutions while providing the best available technology for any given application. From analyzers systems for refining, fuel blending optimization with systems integration, to complete turnkey solutions for cement manufacturing, wireless monitoring solutions, etc. Xenon Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their analytical requirements on time and within budget!